Thursday, May 19, 2011

Be Calm & Carry On

I've been very busy today. Taking out my aggressions on vintage silver spoons!! I have been asked to have some of my things at the local Farmer's Market. So today was all about garden stuff. My husband is making vintage window boxes and I have been making stamped spoon garden markers. I have lots more to stamp, but my hands are getting sore. So I'm in here, catching you up on my progress.

Give me any more ideas on what you want to see stamped. I have more herbs to stamp, but I want more cute short saying too. Thanks for stopping by !


Tricia said...

hi, saw your comment on Peter Walsh's page. Love your pics and blog, lots of lovely ideas. Just wondering what you use to stamp the letters on with? Can you buy those letters or are they from old typewriters?

Such a lovely thing. I am in Australia.

Shabby Cowgirl said...

Hi there Tricia. Regarding the letters on my spoons. They are stamped with small metal stamps that are hammered in. Then stained. You can find some on eBay. Looking forward to our new friendship :)