Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wonderful day!!

Today I had an amazing day!! Started out with exercising a couple of horses at the Healing Hoof Therapy Ranch. I got to ride a Friesian mare bareback!! OMGosh my legs are SO sore!! Then I went off to hang wallpaper. Yes a real job, woo hoo!! First one in 4 weeks.

What I miss most of all lately, is doing something creative. I want, no NEED, to make something this weekend. I know you crafters and artists out there will know what I'm talking about. Sometimes it just seems like it's going to start leaking out my ears if I don't do something on the artsy side. Well I have a bunch of vintage windows in the cottage calling my name to do something to them. I just might have to oblige I'll post pics as soon as I know what I'm doing. What I am I saying...I never know what I'm doing. I just DO IT!! I'll just post pics when I'm done..........

Off to bed now, post to ya tomorrow. Thanks for listening :)

Life is good and God is great!!