Sunday, September 13, 2009

My daughter's room, a work in progress

Well this is how far I got this weekend. My husband textured the paneling Thursday night for me. I started painting Friday morning with a good coat of primer, then started with the colors. The rest I did Saturday and Today, repainted her desk, dresser and tall shelves. I still have a lot of little details to finish. The crown and all the rest of the trim, my husband installed Saturday too. I'll be painting that tomorrow. Her bed is still outside and waiting for a new coat of paint. I found her a nice used sleigh, daybed for cheap. I'm not sure what color I'm going to go with the bed. Let me know what you think. Please give me your ideas too.


Ana said...

Morning Teresa,
Your daughter's room looks so cute! Did you use stencils for the foliage or did you freehand it? You and your hubby did an awesome job. Maybe a nice white/cream color, like the desk chair, would be nice for your daughters bed. Let us know what you decide. So far it's looking great! Have a good Monday.


Mama T said...

Thanks so much for your comment. It made me smile. Regarding the color of the bed, that's just what I was thinking. I feel like there is already a lot of color in there and I was afraid of over doing it with the bed. I was going to go with a creamy shabby chic look. That is her favorite style. That way I won't have to repaint the bed in a year or two when she out grows Tinker Belle. Oh, and about the walls, it's freehand. No stencils for me. They are too restricting. Haha. Hope your having a blessed Monday.....Teresa

jen said...

Yes, I think white or cream too!

Wow! did a great job!! What a lucky girl to have such a lovely room.

Glad I stopped by!


Elise said...

Love the colour !