Sunday, September 20, 2009

A family Saturday, gotta love it!!

Volunteer watermelon in the compost pile. I just cant bring myself to pull it up.

My son, Anthony was getting creative with the camera. He really has a good eye.

My Rusty. The happiest, most needy dog you will ever meet.

Frasier, our first rooster.

Lady G.G., our nanny. She is expecting this month. Last time she had 4 babies!!

Our newest edition to our herd. Our only buck, a blue eyed pygmy named Lightening. He should throw some pretty babies.

Delta Dawn, one of the babies we kept from Lady G.G. last spring.

One of our five cats. This one is Mars. All girls, ALL fixed!!

Miss Daisey May. Our oldest cat. She moved here from California with us. I thinks she's over 11.

Our Geese.

Yeas, that's me holding a goose.

Athens, haging out with us in the garden.

Our little molel, Michelle. We went shopping Saturday at Justice, with her gift card she received for her birthday from my sister Darlene. She had to have new pictures to show off her new duds. She is growing up so fast, we don't know what to do. She is really a good little girl.

Well we worked in the yard, planted a little and mowed. We had a friend over for dinner and it was a nice time had by all. You just can't go wrong with a family Saturday.

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C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Teresa! Thank you for siging up to follow my blog! Yours is wonderful! I love everything about the country life! I especially love all of your beautiful animals, AND that the kitties are all fixed! I love all animals and nature... Your little Michelle is adorable in her new duds! Now I must slowly savor the rest of your blog! Bisous... Julie Marie