Sunday, September 20, 2009

Late night painting projects

My paint brush, patiently waiting for me to return.

You know how it is when the creative mood hits you. You just have to go with it. Well at least I do. I'll find myself getting up at midnight and painting something. I started a little earlier then that tonight, but I'm not done yet. I just took a break to let you in. I love sharing with you.

This little piece is going to be hard to part with, but part with it I will. I'll finish it tomorrow and put it in the shop. I found this little treasure in a thrift store over a year ago, but stuck it in a corner till tonight.

I'll finish it off with a glaze and maybe even tie a ribbon on one side. If can find the right one. Stick a few Country Living magazines in it a show if off. I'll post finished pics tomorrow.

I'm not sure yet how I'll finish this little corner shelf, but it does need more. I guess I'll sleep on this one.

This is a little tease of the dresser I was telling you about earlier. The same color and finish that I did on a clients fireplace.

I'll have it all put together tomorrow and post the final pics.

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