Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all !!!!!!

Just in case you don't know who this is. This is "Big Tom", the world's largest turkey.

OK, so tomorrow is the big day, right? If at all possible, most of us will be with loved ones. Weather they be blood family or chosen family. Some of us are far from our blood family, but have been lucky enough to have been adopted by another family. At least for the holidays days.

So what does Thanksgiving mean to you. I mean really?? What are you thankful for?? And why is it that we only think about these things now?? I wish we wouldn't wait for just Thanksgiving day to get with family we haven't seen all year. Or to tell friends how important they really are to us. We need to remember this feeling, this time of year and carry it throughout the year. Now I don't expect you to eat like you will tomorrow more then a couple of times a year. We don't want that, and I'm sure our Doctors don't want that. But let's try to keep our "Thanksgiving" lasting longer then just tomorrow. Come on, let's try to think of these feeling more often. Let's keep this turkey rollin y'all!!

May you and yours be blessed tomorrow and all the days to come.

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