Monday, November 15, 2010

The sweetest little cabinet.

I found this little cabinet in the back of a neighbors storage shed. I fell in love with it. My husband did a little gluing and clamping on the bottom. Other then that, it is just like I found it. He asked me if I wanted him to paint it, I told him if he paint touches it I would be forced to hurt him!! He knows better then to paint anything I find. I just love the chippy original paint. I think this will be the fabric cabinet. I love being able to see the colors of all my fabrics and scraps.

What a perfect fit for this wall. The shabby shelf frame on top was a trash rescue. I love road side treasures. The rest of the things on the top are all yard sale or thrift store finds. Not sure what I will put in the big red jar, but don't you just love it.Align Center

Notice the PARIS pic on the wall behind!! Found it yesterday at one of my favorite Goodwill stores. A whole 99cents! It's a metal sign. The one next to it is LONDON.

I just love the details on this cabinet. Everything original to it. It is missing one of the small glass knobs. So I'll be keeping a look out for one of those. I don't want to buy a new one, I want to keep it to the vintage feel. I'm so happy with this little cabinet!!! Can you tell??
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~SueSCharmingChippyCottageCreations~ said...

Hello I just love your cabinet. I have one just like it mine does have crown molding on the top. I posted it on my blog and a friend told me it was the top to a vintage step back cabinet and like you I didn't touch the many coats of paint on it. My cabinet has the original hardware the latch is the old turn knob love it and I have a beautiful lab mix name Laxie that looks just like your sweet lab in one of your pictures.