Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursday. Nate Berkus, we love you.

Today on the Nate Berkus show was all about thrifty designs.
This is what we live for and live with, everyday!!! I love me some bargains. Finding things in thrift stores, barn sales and what ever you have already. Look around your house and around your yard. Rethink what things might look like with a new coat of paint. Take a new look at old things you run into. You might see a night stand at a thrift store and think that is one ugly table, but what about a can of spray paint and new hardware. A lot of things in thrift stores are old, but that's a good thing. I means they are usually made better then the stuff you can buy new. Take a second look next time you hit your local thrift stores or yard sales. Think outside the paint can!

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