Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas is over!?!?! Oh well, 2011, here we come!!!!

Santa has done his job, and done it well. It's time to say goodbye to Christmas. Where did the time go? I'm still listening to Christmas music as I write this post. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to put it all away yet. I guess it is time to take down the holiday bling.

Everything will be looking so bare for while. But don't you just love how BIG your room seem when the tree is gone? Simplicity will rule the first few weeks of January in our home. What to put back up? What will I get back out of the cupboards? Is it way too soon for just a hint of flowers? I am SO ready for spring.

What will you be doing differently around your house in the new year? Now is the time to make some changes. Start the new year off with a fresh coat of paint. Maybe new towels and a rug for the bathroom. Before you put all the non-holiday stuff back. Take advantage of the open space. Be brave, do something around the house, you have always wanted to try. Come on......you know you want to.

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