Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Love

This is my fall post from last year. I wanted to repost it. It has some of my favorite pumpkin pics. Enjoy, again :)

I am having a serious addiction to pumpkins right now. Glitter ones, painted ones, big ones and small ones. Here are some pics that I have found around the net and wanted to share. I love the black and white ones. The top 4 pics are my very own concoction and they reside in our living room.


Susie said...

These are definitely beautiful pumpkin displays.

Ana said...

Hi Mama T,
So many beautiful pumpkins. Who would have known that there is some many was to decorate a pumpkin. My fave are the black and white and glitter ones. :-) Hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend. Have a beautiful autumn day.


Dawn said...

Hi Teresa,
Thanks for coming by. You did a great job on those pumpkins.

Glad they ruled out stroke but I know migraines can be tough on you too. Hope the docs and help you manage them.

Take care down there in the gulf.

Deb said...

very cool pumpkins...glad to find another Texas gal...