Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Starting on the interior remodel of His Cottage

Well, Michael got in there and started pulling off the old paneling. Under it is beautiful ship-lap boards, They will look great painted all white. Very cottage.

There was wallpaper from the 40's behind it. It was back when they put it up with small nails and no glue. It had a fabric backing and pretty much fell apart. I was happy to see it go.

In two of the rooms, the kitchen and our bedroom, the paneling is staying. It it real wood, not printed pressboard, and in great shape. But you know, it will be white too. Michelle got in there too and is loving her role in the painting process.

Friday, September 16, 2011

His cottage

This is a view of the front from earlier this year. The AC unit in the front window is gone and so are the old chairs.

Why "His" cottage? Well, cause it is. It would not be possible if it were not for Him. God has had His hand on this every step of the way, there is no doubt. From being able to find it at the time we did, to being able to pay for it, it has all been because of Him.

Let me back up a little and tell you how this all came about. Like most good things, it all stated with prayer. We just didn't know what to do about our living situation. It was fine and all, but not what we wanted long term. We didn't think we had much choice. So we prayed about it......and prayed...and prayed. We looked at lots of places...too big, too much, too far, too old. I had come to the idea that this must be where God wants us to stay. I was really going to give up. I thought, "OK, I'll look one more time over here and then that's it. No more looking" Well there it was. I thought this is too good to be true. It ALL fell into place. And I mean ALL, really fast too. We are now proud owners of this cute little cottage. 1400 sq ft of little old house. I could not be happier.

A view of the back.

She sits on 1 acre of land, just big enough for us. We have been on 2 1/2 acres and it was getting to be too much to take care of.

We started moving in a few things today. This is the back porch.

Lots of trimming to do. That big ole bush is Gardenia. It is outside our bedroom window. I can't wait till spring to smell it in the room.

A really great country kitchen. We will be putting in a new counter top soon. I'm going to make Carrara Marble iCoat Top. Not positive of the back splash yet. The lights will be changed out too.

I will try to post everyday. We have lots of paneling to remove and then I will start painting tomorrow and Michael is going to work on the chicken coop. We have to have a safe place for the girls