Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Starting on the interior remodel of His Cottage

Well, Michael got in there and started pulling off the old paneling. Under it is beautiful ship-lap boards, They will look great painted all white. Very cottage.

There was wallpaper from the 40's behind it. It was back when they put it up with small nails and no glue. It had a fabric backing and pretty much fell apart. I was happy to see it go.

In two of the rooms, the kitchen and our bedroom, the paneling is staying. It it real wood, not printed pressboard, and in great shape. But you know, it will be white too. Michelle got in there too and is loving her role in the painting process.

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Designing Lady Jane said...

You've got a lot of work coming yet, but it's so exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished effect.