Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New studio? What was I thinking !!??

Ok here it is. I have moved my daughter to her new room. It was quite a project! The room had been my 18 year old son's room. Quotes on the walls, signatures, you know the look I was dealing with. Well, 2 days later and LOTS of Kilz paint, we were on on way to a little girl's big room. We still have a little touch up with the details, but she is in there and loving it.

Well now I am redoing her small old room as my new studio. There lies the problem. Maybe problem is the wrong word, it's more like a quandary. I am going to keep the blue color. I will paint over the flowers left over from my version of Pixie Hollow. I just keep looking at the empty space and I have SO many ideas I'm just not sure where to start. I do so many different arts and I love so many different styles. I have a pretty good idea which style I want, now it's just putting it all together. I know this will take quite some time. I don't have everything I need or want. I'll start with what I have and go from there.

This post and for the next few posts will be very cathartic for me. I don't have a close friend near me to help with all the decisions, so posting here and getting input and feedback from all of you will be very helpful. Well I'm off to get more done, keep up.

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Vickie B said...

Call me, I'll come over when you need help with an opinion, may not be what you want to hear but I'll be glad to give you my input!
Vickie Branson-Debbie Q has my numbr